You didn’t arrive at this page by chance. You may be searching for answers, healing, insight, guidance, or direction. Each and every one of us has the profound ability to receive these answers for ourselves, but it is in times of chaos when we reach out to another for clarity or stability. People from around the world contact meI look forward to connecting with you.

Whether you attend one of my seminars, schedule a private consultation, utilize one or more of the products that I offer, or you are ready to move forward because you want your life to be different, I am here to assist you.

Private Sessions

Peggy has an extraordinary intuitive ability to cut through the confusion, and drama to get to the details you need to take your life to the next level.   Peggy is known for her accuracy, the level of detail and the mounds of invaluable information she is able to provide…

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Peggy offers a variety of products to inform, awaken, stimulate, realign and transform one-self through the use of her CD’s and Books.  Peggy’s products afford you the opportunity to connect yourself to divine inspiration and healing through her intuitive gifts…

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Membership Programs

The Essential Energy Circle
is a weekly opportunity to heal and deepen your intuition.  Be a part of this interactive Audio/Video program and allow Peggy and her expert intuitive ability help guide you through your life’s journey…

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Events & Seminars

As an Intuitive Healer, Psychic-Medium and Energy Expert there is nothing like being in Peggy’s presence when she is doing what she was born to do; which is to uplift, guide, and awaken you to your truth.  Peggy’s genuine, charismatic, interactive style will give you…

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Privacy Policy

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